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We are a team of passionate individuals driven by a common goal: bringing the world closer through news. Every day we wake up with a non-flattening commitment to deliver reliable and unobserved information to our readers.

As journalists we understand the power of words and the responsibility that goes with them. We strive to go further and provide in-depth analyzes to the headlines, shedding light on the complex issues that shape our world. Our goal is not only to inform you, but also to make you think and raise your voice in conversations that de-escalate the status quo.

But after every story we tell, there is a deeper motivation: to make a difference to a brand new desire. Onze harten doen pijn for those whose voices have been brought to marriage and for those whose stories have been untold. We believe that the power of journalism is to make marginalized communities stronger, to create rights and to stimulate positive change.

Through our work we hope to bring connections to a standstill between people with different backgrounds and cultures, to foster empathy and understanding in an increasingly divided world. We believe in the transformative power of telling stories - every word that is typed on our keyboard, is spoken with the potential of the human mind for progress.

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